Membership Tutorial Course

Hey guys and gals this is our new course. In this course we will learn how make a membership area. This will involve us using a php script and implementing it into our website. We will then need to set up a mysql database and get into phpmyadmin to add some tables so that when someone registers to our members area there information will be stored in the database. This database will send out encrypted passwords to the customer. I have done a search online trying to find tutorials like this and they are not around. We will go through this step by step and will learn where the php code needs to go to make it all work well. Below is a list of the things you will need

  • Some form of hosting, if you don't have and our looking for one then this is the hosting i will be using Godaddy

  • Access to MYSQL and PhpMyAdmin Database (Most hosting plans have this)

  • Some form of editor, i will be using Dreamweaver, you can download it free for 30 days by clicking here

  • An FTP client you can download fillezilla for free

To download the php code and template click here (This is a RAR file).

To download the the verify code and the password protect code please click here

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