Flash Beginners Tutorial Course

Hey guys and Gals. Ok this course is now open. I put a vote up on my website and the the winning vote was flash so that is what we are going to do. We will go through the basics of using flash, some tutorials will be basic and others will be more advance. First we have to get into the tools and understand how they work, this might seem a bit boring to some but it is really important to have a good understanding of how everything works before diving in to the animation side of it. Below is a list categories that we will go through.

  • Understanding the layout

  • Learning about the tools

  • Get into symbols

  • Learn movie clips

  • Learn symbol buttons

  • Start working with the timeline

  • Testing your files

  • Learning about images

  • Learning about animation

  • Using text inside of flash

  • Understanding Sound

  • Using video in flash

  • Basic action script

  • How to put it all together

Hopefully by the time you have completed this course you will have enough understanding of Flash that you can start to use it in your projects. Adding a bit of flash to your website can make it look good, but becarful to not go to wild with it as things can become slower and flash is the not the best to get good ranking

Things you will need for this course.

  • Adobe Flash CS4 (But any version will do really.) If you do not have it and would like to try it for free for thirty days then you can download it from Adobe

  • Internet Connection

  • Lots of obsession time

Enjoy and let me know how you get on or if you run into any problems please feel free in contacting me

Keep checking back as this is a big course and there will be more tutorials coming.

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