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Create eBay Template

Ever wondered how people created there own ebay auction template,then this is the tutorial course for you. Creating Professional eBay auction templates is not as hard as you might think. Over the next twelve tutorials we are going to learn how to create an eBay auction template from scratch.

I will show you how to create the layout, images and format everything so you can upload it to ebay. In each tutorials lesson you will be able to download the lesson folders so you can follow me through this.


To download the completed eBay template then click here (This is a RAR file).To download winrar for free please click here this is a 40 day evaluation but after the 40 days you will be able to still use it for opening files.

Things you will need:

1. Some form of hosting as you will need to connect your images somewhere so they show up on eBay. If you don't have hosting then i recommend Godaddy


2. Some editor so you can build your template, i use dreamweaver and you can download a free 30 day trial


3. FTP so we can upload our files to your hosting. You can download a free FTP client from Filezilla

Congratulations everyone on completing your first create ebay template course. Not bad hey only 12 tutorials. Once you have created your template if you send me a link i will add your ebay template to this page and promote your ebay for free. Thanks everyone and let me know if you want something else done

Ok now you have completed creating your own ebay temlate how about taking it to the next level and creating your own html ebay store


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