Create eBay HTML Store

Ever wondered how people created there own ebay store. In this tutorial course we are going to learn how to code our template and then where to put it inside of ebay to make you have a proffessional store. The great thing about building your own store is that you can get your own look. Ebay stores look very basic but buy learning how to make your own you will be able to look that bit more proffesional. I have searched alot online to see if anyone is doing this and I could not find it anywhere. This is a beginners tutorial course and each lesson will have a folder that you can download to follow along.


To download the completed eBay Store template then click here (This is a RAR file).To download winrar for free please click here this is a 40 day evaluation but after the 40 days you will be able to still use it for opening files.

Things you will need:

1. Some form of hosting as you will need to connect your images somewhere so they show up on eBay. If you don't have hosting then i recommend Godaddy


2. Some editor so you can build your template, i use dreamweaver and you can download a free 30 day trial


3. FTP so we can upload our files to your hosting. You can download a free FTP client from Filezilla


4. You will need an ebay store, as this only works if you have an ebay store



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