Create A Photoshop Template

Welcome to Photoshop template tutorials. In these tutorials we are going to learn how to create a photoshop template with NO previous experience

  • How to use shapes

  • How to blend graphics

  • How to clip images

  • How to add layer styles

  • How to delete backgrounds

  • How to cut up images

  • How to add filter effects

  • How to add text

  • How to add image behaviors

  • How to export to dreamweaver

  • Any many more

Create photoshop template from scratch with no prior knowledge needed. Once you have done the basics photoshop and you understand how to use layers and shapes you will be able to design some beautiful photoshop templates. I love photoshop templates because i can send them to my customers and if anything needs editing i can get straight back into photoshop and fix it very fast.

To download the completed template click here (This is a RAR file). All tutorials are free

Please let me know if you get any problems

This is what we are going to build

Congratulations everyone you have just completed your first 1stoptutorial build your own photoshop template tutorial course. Please let me know if you had any problems or send me a link so i can have a look at your photoshop template.

In our next course we shall learn how to code photoshop template

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